100 Simple Secrets of Successful People by David Niven

100 Simple Secrets of Successful People – Fantastic and light to reading book.

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Phrases that I will follow in my life:

After reading this book, I intend to live my life by the following two phrases (These are direct quotations):

“As you grow more certain of your purpose and your talents, however, you will come to rely less on the attitudes and abilities of those around you and more on your own passion and ability” Chapter Reference: Learn to Lead Yourself.

This is a wonderful phrase for simply living the most authentic life that you can and do whatever you will desire, pursue your passions, abilities, and create your own happy/wonderful world.

I like not relying on other people, as much as I love my other human beings, I don’t like being disappointed by anyone. Doing stuff that I have a passion for by myself gives me super gratification and energy to continue to live a positive life. 

“Creativity comes not in exchange for money or rewards but when we focus our attention on something because we want to” Chapter Reference: Creativity Comes from Within.

Damm, don’t you wish that someone told you and you listened that not everything is about money and you can be creative even if there is no monetary reward.  

This blog is precisely the essence of this phrase. I am doing this blog because I want to and not because of money. 

My take on the book:

I started with phrases that had the most impact on me.  Here is the official review:

Over the weekend, I read this wonderful little book 100 Simple Secrets of Succesful People. The book is super easy to read and I did in about 2 hours. 

As the title states, the book gives you life lessons of being successful. In many ways, the books reminded me of many lessons/phrases that I have already forgotten, so it is good to get information refreshed. 

Here are my brief notes: (There are many other lessons in this book that will likely resonate with you. I decided to put parts/phrases/sections that are applicable and had the most influence on me.)

So there, this is my brief review of this book. I am sure that there is something in it that will strike a change in your life for the better.  Enjoy – Mr.Frugality.