E-Fat Bike – One of best decisions in my life.

Hey, you are cheating with an electric motor bicycle! 

Are you kidding me? Nothing could be further from the truth.  The electric motor eliminates hills, encourages me every single moment by making me pedal more. On the days that I am not 100% because I am tired or I did not sleep well the electric bike gives me enough support to move forward.  Reminder: Electric bikes are not electric motorcycles on wheels. In order to move forward, pedaling is required. The motor only assists in pedaling. I would analogize this as doubling or tripling my pedaling power.  

Official Start of the Post:

Life is a series of decisions – This posting is about one of those great decisions with long-lasting yields.

This blog post is about one of those excellent decisions. I know that looking into the future and reflecting right back that buying and most importantly using a bicycle on a daily basis has and will change my life for the better for a long time.

Before I dive into all of the quantitative and nonquantitative details of my reasons to use a bicycle on a daily basis; I began with my romantic love affair with my car.

I own a fancy and fantastic Mercedes Benz E350 – Sports Package, 4-Matic,  3.5L, 6-cylinders, and 268 hp.  This is not a frugal car at all. To my defense, I got this used car with roughly 40% off when I bought it three years ago. So, right about the time of this post, the car is worth what I paid for.

The only reason, I bought this car was because I got super duper deal from a friend that was looking to make more space in his garage. Otherwise, I was content with my 2004 Honda Accord with nearly 160,000 miles with no rust and in phenomenal reliability.  

When I drove my Benz and played loud music through the excellent speaker system, I felt on top of the world.  Hearing my all wheel drive system engage and knowing that my tires glue themselves to the snow while leaving huge and long snow cloud dust behind at 60+ miles per hour in just a few seconds, I was ecstatic with no care in the world.  All the while not forgetting the wonderful and precious large snowflakes dissolving upon touching down on my warm and cozy panoramic sunroof that allows me to be part of the winter while being protected from the elements.

Or,  in the summertime being pulled over by the highway patrol going 96+ miles an hour and responding to the police officer’s question: Why are you going so fast? Response: I don’t even look at the speedometer at that speed but strictly focus on the safety of others on the road.

Meanwhile, I was making German autobahn out of US highway.  Yes, I did receive a speeding ticket but for only $75 for going 4 miles over the speed limit. I believe, the police officer was nice because I gave him a genuine and honest answer. I could have been arrested or end up paying huge fines.  For that nice gesture from that the police officer, I say “thank you” for not destroying my life and not making me miserable. 

These were and are my wonderful memories because I did not sell my car (Just yet.).

A new beginning – No Turning back (Ever):

This is my amazing e-fat bike that is ready and willing to take me anywhere I desire.

World of prolific online readers, I proudly present you my beauty and constant companion “My yellow rims E-Fat Bike” – Virtual – Cheer – Yeah, Hurray!!!

There are so many positive benefits of having this bike that I will describe in detail each one of them below.  I am convinced that after reading this post that you will at some point pivot your life toward biking.

Acquisition method: 

I bought this e-bike on Amazon on July 12, 2017, for $1,557.05. I got a discount because of some special going on Amazon, the actual price is $1,600.00+. This is the most expensive bike I ever bought. This was a big deal for me. I was surprised that it was shipped directly from China via DHL air, so I got my new baby in three days.

Before purchasing on Amazon,  I went to my local e-bike shop in an effort to support my local economy. Unfortunately,  bike prices were high anywhere from $2,800.00 to roughly $5,000.00. I decided to buy the bike on Amazon.  After all, all of the bikes in the shop were made in China anyway. I am not some road warrior that needs a really expensive bike, plus I also was looking back to get a return on my investment as soon as possible. I always control my spending. 

Bike Purchase Cost Recovery Method:

As of this day of this article November 1, 2017, I have recovered all of my costs of acquisition including plus I saved  additional $352.95 by not using my car. This is how I arrived at this amount for far.


This is how I recovered the cost of the bike as well as income from the bike.

I follow my self-invented concept titled: Money Recycling Method. What is money recycling method you ask? Well, it is rather simple. Instead of always pulling out funds out of my earnings or wages. I look around the house of assets that are not being used. I don’t like to have things around the house that serve no purpose only take up space. Please note the usage of the word space in the preceding sentence. Outside of taking up physical space in a physical boundary of a room/house, I also think of taking up space in my brain. Afterall, energy in my brain has to be generated through tiny electrical currents and there is only some much electricity that can be produced prior of recharging (sleep). I strive not to even be forced to think about a useless item.

I walk around the house and found useless things. As you can see from the above table, I sold the gold chain. I bought this chain long time, and I have not used it ever since, then I asked myself: Why do I even have this chain that I don’t use? What is this purpose of this chain? The answer was painfully obvious: Nothing. I went and sold the chain nearly at the market value.  Now, I have converted an inefficient commodity to an asset that will serve and pay dividends for a long time to come. Just as simple as that.

Future return on Investment:

What your savings rate of not using a car?









Graph Analysis:

I like to reinforce certain ideas through graphs. This graphs only takes into account monthly saving costs and projected future savings, which I name return on investment. This graph does not include the cost of buying a car and related maintenance in the next ten years because I do not intend on buying any car anytime soon. 

I am looking to save roughly $20,000.00 plus in the next ten years. There are tons of other variables that I could incorporate but I like keeping things simple.

Commuting Distance:

My commute is nearly 6 miles one way. I would feel comfortable even with 12 miles one way. I now enjoy my commute, by listening to music or news and watch the beautiful nature all around me on a bike trail. By the way, I pass through the forest, streams, pond, and other bikers as even I was not in the urban environment. The usage of a bike allows me to enjoy part of the city that otherwise I would have never enjoyed. Here is a screenshot of distances traveled in the last few months for credibility purposes.

Summary of distance traveled on my bike.

Health Benefits/Fat versus Fit/Skinny:

My dear fellow Americans, we are fat. We all care deeply about each other. Instead of 100% relying on a vehicle that costs you to keep every day, pivot your life to bicycle. I went from 212 pounds to 191 just by using my bike. 

Here is the link to the bike I bought.

Note to my children:

As you know, I love you very much. When you are old enough to read this blog, All of the advice that I write to the world is with the intention that you will read it someday and obtain a better understanding of my point of view and the reasons I do something to better our lives. I want you to think that if you make your life better, the world is a better place because of the right choices you for yourself.