E-Fat Bike Update – Going Strong

Purchasing the fat tire e-bike was a great and fruitful decision for me. A beauty about a good decision is the same as a bad decision, you get reminded every single time and you try to forget the bad one quickly. This bike provides me with a huge satisfaction and excellent dividend yield (aka return on investment which you will see below why). 

The bike that I ride is Cyrusher Fat Tire Bike – Extrbici XF660 – Here is the link.  I am not getting paid nor for referring the bike to the world. Quite frankly it does not matter to me. I treat this blog as my personal notebook so the information is never lost and I can reference it back in the future. I also want my children to know precisely what an excellent father I am. I want them to have a clear written record so they can use it as a reference.

Biking in the winter:

I have now completely different and positive perspective of winter. I see beautiful trees covered with snow and it makes me happy. Riding in the winter is very quiet and peaceful as if the world has fallen asleep. I enjoy the sound of my fat tires breaking the frozen snow. Today, I went very slow to work to take-in the beauty of winter.  All other days, I go as fast as I can because I like to get a good morning and afternoon workout. One other huge benefit of not using my car, I don’t have crazy driver’s cutting me off because they are rushing to get somewhere. 

Distance Traveled and 2018 goal:

In 2017, I traveled 1,429 miles, which makes me proud of this achievement. At first thought, it does not seem like a long distance but for me, it is a lot. But I am not competing against anyone. So, I am superbly proud of this achievement.

On a monthly basis, I travel between 121 miles to 233 miles, which projecting for 2018 would put me between 1,452 and 2,796 miles. It would be sweet if I could do 3,000 miles per year on the bike.  So, there, I  just have decided that my goal for 2018 will be to travel 3,000 miles on my bicycle 

History of riding my bike. The green part was when I went running while in Arizona.

Savings Money Aspect:

So far, I have saved $2,106.44 for not using my car to commute to work. The total amount saved includes $40.00 per month less insurance coverage, $30.00 per month garage fee, and $1.73 fuel saving per working day. Since July of 2017, not only I paid off my bike but I also was not forced to spend several hundred dollars pouring fuel into my gas tank.  We have two cars and I have been thinking that at some point I should sell my other car because I don’t need it anymore. I am going to wait little longer to ensure that I am going to make the right decision.

Issues with the e-fat bike:

Answer: None. I have no issues with the bike what so ever. The bike is a workhorse. I use it for the intended purpose and I ride it hard.  The electric motor works perfectly fine, and battery holds its charge for a long time. I have one hundred percent confidence in my bike. 

Final thoughts:

I will continue to ride my bike probably for the rest of my life. When we move to a different place in the future, I will be sure that our new home is located somewhere within 12 – a 15-mile range of things that I need to do.

I encourage every one of you to start riding. I feel strong and agile. I ride because I want to be healthy and stay healthy. Don’t get fat!