2Q2018 Investment Update – Passive Sources.

Investment Platforms Summary:

I invest in the following investment platforms. 

Breakdown of my investments:

Pie chart of investment allocation by investment platform.

Allocation of Investments:

I am holding 37.6% of cash in the Capital One savings account earning a sweet 1.75%. I will deploy some amounts here and there during this quarter. However, if a nice correction will occur, a significant portion will be deployed. Detailed amounts of each investment can be viewed at other blog posts. Top three investments: 1. Cash – Capital One, 2. Peerstreet – hard money lending, and 3. Robinhood – equities, funds, and mutual funds. I just started with I will show mu results next quarter. 

Annualized Return on investment.

Return on Investments:

Each investment is doing as expected an annualized basis except for Thus, I will no longer deploy any amounts to prosper until I will figure out exactly what causes the poor performance. I will perform a full analysis of at a later time. I don’t have favorite investment, my only goal is not to lose my principal of investment after adjusting for inflation and make a few percentages on top of that. Any passive investment of 5% to 8% percent on an annual basis is excellent for me.

Other items to consider while reviewing the information above:

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