March 2019 Passive Income Update

Equities Investments:

Total dividend income in February was $40.60. This is 2.67 times more than February of 2018. These are pretty great results. So far this year, I have passively earned $55.78. My account value increased by $3,157.36. The increase is attributed in the following ways,  I deposited $1,344.37 of my own cash and the rest of $1,812.99 is the account value change. I will double my account value by the end of this year to $47,708.

In March, I expect dividend income to be above $110.00. I think this is a pretty good feeling to say that I will get something that I didn’t earn by simply having faith in the investments. Since the market, is running full steam and the end is on the horizon in the less than 24 months. I have some put option positions outstanding that have a very long time horizon. I treat them as insurance policies against my account value decrease. If in March the put options will provide a huge return, I will liquidate them but otherwise, I will let me expire with loss of maybe $125.00 in the worst case scenario. Please note that some of the positions won’t expire until January of 2020 so there will be plenty of to provide a cushion for market fluctuations.  The put positions account for only .463% of my account value and 17% of last year dividend income. 17% is high as compared to income. Next time for the future, I will keep it under 10%.

Passive Income Summary:

My passive income investment for February of 2019 was $147.93. I am liquidating Prosper investment and putting the remaining amounts in Groundfloor. This is the first time since I have invested money in  Lending Club lost money. If this trend will continue in the next three months, I will also liquidate the money and put it to work somewhere else. However, I believe this to be an anomaly. Since, my initial investment in December of 2014, I never had a negative interest income month.  Otherwise, everything else looks pretty normal.