March 2019 Passive Income Update

Total March 2019 dividend Income was $104.57. This was 2.02 times more than March of 2018 and 65 times more than my first dividend income in March of 2017. So, in just 24 months I am going to make at least $100.00 a quarter.

I think this is pretty neat considering that all I am doing is putting an average of $900 plus per month of extra money in good or excellent companies or funds.

As of March, my (click on this link to get a free share. I get one as well) account value is $29,373.84. My estimated income for the year is $993.91, thus my yield is 3.38%.

Since January 27, 2017, when I began to invest my overall gain is 9.89% or $2,879.80 and I collected $813.78 in total from my dividends. I reinvested all of it, of course. However, I will sometimes this year take the dividend earned and take my family out to movies with some popcorn. This will be specifically thanks to me for delaying my gratification to ensure that we have a bright future ahead.


My gold call options and VOO put options both decreased in value. I purchased those options as an insurance policy just in case Mr. Market will have a big drop. Also, this is a very good signal to me that the market is going to be doing very well for a while.

My gold options do not expire until January of 2020 and VOO do not expire until July of 2019. I think I am going to lose money on them and I am okay with that. My purpose of those options was a hedge against huge market drops.


Deployment of Money Chart

This chart really speaks to me. My initial investments show very little return. However and after December of 2018 dip. I deployed, even more, more money. The returns are increasing and that little bright green line is a tiny fat called dividend income.

My current strategy is to invest my excess cash to equities but I have been also buying gold ETFs, short term bonds, and TIPS. I want to be ready to deploy the accumulated conservative investments when the market will bottom out. As much as I want to get a lot of dividend income, I want to conserve as much as I can my value of the portfolio.

Thus, while investing nearly every day in equities, I make sure to put some money into non-correlated positions.

Passive Income Summary:

In March of 2019, I made passively $183.69, I was hoping more like $300 similar to January of 2019 and December of 2019. I don’t have the data post it from previous months but $183.69 is not a good overall result. That said, this is likely going to be the worst month of the year and from this point on my passive investments will perform better.

Robinhood was the best performer in March of 2019. I am not sure why Lending Club is performing so poorly. I will give it a couple more months and otherwise will work on closing my peer to peer lending adventure down. I do hope that Lending Club can recover because I like to have a solid 5% returns on an annual basis. I am looking forward to the Ground Floor to start paying larger amounts. Peerstreet was disappointing as well as after many months of solid returns. Since October of 2016 Peerstreet has paid me $2,861.03 in interest income.

That’s it for today. I will write soon about my investment in Airbnb/VRBO in Scottdale Arizona. To give you a little hint. Great results so far.