April 2019 Passive Income Update

Total April 2019 dividend income from my brokerage account at Robinhood (click on this link for a free share.) was $75.91. This income was 4.46 times more than in 2018 and 176.53 times more than in 2017. In 2017 my dividend income was only $.43. It definitely feels good that I am getting up to real numbers.

I deployed $4,141.85 in April. I expect to earn an additional $133.78 per year for the rest of my life. Current overall yield is 3.28%. I have an overall 100 positions in the portfolio. The total number of different purchases in April was 48. Thanks to Robinhood, I didn’t have to pay $237.60 in fees at $4.95 a purchase.

My goal is to double my account value at Robinhood by the end of 2019 to $39,687.52. I am only $5,608.52 away from that goal and it is only May. I like to keep my goals reasonable to give me positive energy in life.

Since January 27, 2017, my overall gain is $2,642.68 or 8.34%. No complaints there since we are basically closer to the end than the beginning of a business cycle.
Options Front:

My gold call and VOO put options pretty much stay the same in value. gold do not expire until the beginning of 2020 and VOO expires in July of 2019. My exposure is super duper small more or less than 1%. I keep them as an insurance policy and will execute them in case the market dives down to protect somewhat the corpus of the fund.

I have never done options but I read somewhere that it is a good idea to buy insurance policies for a portfolio. Basically, I am looking for something that has very little or no correlation to equities. This is a good opportunity to learn. I will definitely put up a post on my learning experience.

I am holding right now 8.39% in Treasuries and short-term bonds. I will deploy all of the money the moment a market goes down a lot. I will probably put all in VOO, VT, VTI, and NOBL.
Cash Deployment Chart:

This chart definitively shows that I am deploying lots of cash and the gain is very little. In short-term, this is a big deal but in long-term (aka 30 years) makes no difference. Of course, I would want the red part to be larger but that is not happening right now.

One thing is certain. I am deploying my excess cash that otherwise would be sitting in a savings account and banks would be making tons of money instead of me.
Dividend Income Summary Table:

This is my main motivator. Please keep in mind that I holding over 100 different positions and I try to stay below 5% exposure in each one holding.
Passive Income Summary:

In April 2019, I passively made $290.96 ($9.69 per day). This is almost of in line of $300.00 that I want to earn currently. rebounded nicely. is doing well. I would want Groundfloor to be more but I know that lots of the investments that I made pay at the end of the term. So, I have to be patient. Prosper, I am closing down the account and all payments made are going towards Groundfloor. I am also putting Peerstreet interest earnings from PeerStreet to work in Groundfloor account. I do this because Groundfloor has $10 investment minimum while Peerstreet has a $1,000 investment minimum.

All the others are good. The CapitalOne account is a cash cushion that I like to keep. In the event of a major market downturn. I will deploy that money as well.

Dear readers. I will eventually write a post regarding the Airbnb/VRBO that I started in Scottsdale Arizona. The results are awesome and I know that this is an excellent investment for us.

BTW, we don’t have a mortgage or car loans.

Thanks for reading.