June 2019 – Passive Income Update

During the month of June, my investment accounts generated $320.85.

This is not a record month but it appears $300+ will be the new normal. Keeping that in perspective that equates to $10.69 per day.

Securities Investments:

I deployed $2,428.71  by purchasing the following securities for free through (click on this link for one free share when you will sign up):  MMM, EMN, VT, LYB, BSV, PFE, IRM, JPM, PG, GEO, NLY, KO, PEP, HON, GLDI, ENB, WMT, PDI, AFL, GLD, KEY, and VPU. I mostly buy one share at a time.

My account value as of June 30, 2019, is $41,011.21. Thus, in June I surpassed my account goal of $39,687.52 by December 31, 2019.

Mr. Market was great in June and the change of value in my investments was $2,246.22.

Cash Deployment Chart:


The $2,428.71 of cash deployment reflects 5.9% of the total account value. I won’t be investing as much for the rest of the year because I don’t have that much money left over for normal monthly expenses, house insurance, real estate taxes, and RV rental.

I want to however disclose to the world that I am saving 100% of my salary right now to retirement plans and my wife about 55% of her salary. We have been doing this for the last couple of years. Right now, we can live up to about August. After, August we have to replenish our accounts with salaries.

We will know that we can easily retire if I can go the entire year plus without drawing income from work.   Hopefully, that year will be 2020. Time will show.


I still have VOO and GLD options and it looks like I will lose $35.00 on the VOO worthless option. I am not an expert on options at all but $35.00 lesson for me is that I need to either stay away from them or take some real classes. The latter option is better for me. I think, there is a place in my portfolio in the future for option exposure but I just need to learn them some more.

GLD does not expire until January of 2020 so will see how this will turn out.

Dividend Income Summary Table:

The June $138.77 dividend income was the best dividend income since I started in January 2017 and 2.06 times more than in 2018.

Passive Income Summary:

Everything looks good with the exception of Lending Club. I am going to give Lending Club until the end of August of 2019 to see if it will start growing again. If not, I will stop investing and move everything somewhere else.

So far in 2019, I have derived $1,676.16 from interest and dividends. Honestly, I can’t wait until I can get above $10,000.00.

We did rent out an RV and had an awesome time.


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