July 2019 – Passive Income Update

During the month of July, my investment accounts generated $353.42.

In comparison in July 2018, my investments account earned $177.41.

This simply amazing. I am so glad that I am doing this because it is actually working. Keeping the data on this blog makes things easy and real.  I would have not believed these numbers if I didn’t keep track of them.

All I know that as long as I will be prudent with my investments, I will be wealthy if not very wealthy. My family will not have to worry about anything in the very near future.

I will do all that I can to get this $353.42 to double by July of 2020.

Securities Investments:

I deployed only $616.71 in July mostly because I was running out of extra money and that market was flying very high. I bought KEY, PYN, AFL, LEG, JPM, PBI, BTI, GLD, DGS, GEO.

My 1 option VOO option has expired and I lost money. I lost very little. The lesson for me is that I need to learn more about options. I won’t do any options in the future until I will learn it. I got GLD option outstanding and it does not expire until January of 2020. I will update the results of that as well in the future.

Mr. Market was good again and my account increased in value by $455.99 excluding the $106.06 in dividends.

Dividend Income Summary:

Dividend Income is reaching new highs. July 2019 is 1.87 times more than in July of 2018.  Everything is right on track.

Passive Income Summary:

Lending Club is improving after two months of going down in value. The total decrease was only $9.19 but I got no income which typically is anywhere $12 to $34 per month.  If July wouldn’t have improved, I would have started closing the account. I am still closing a Prosper account and deploying that money to the Ground Floor accounts. I won’t be deploying more to because the income is coming little to low. I want to see interest income coming in at around $60 per month. Thus, the only real place where I can put my excess funds is Robinhood or Peerstreet.

So far in 2019, I have derived $2,029.58 from interest and dividends. Not too shabby -:). Passive investments work and I am living proof of that.

Thanks for reading.


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