2019 Airbnb – Basement Rental Results

My wife and kids went to visit grandparents for 4 weeks. So, I decided for the second year in the row to rent out our finished basement on Airbnb.

Customer Ratings Look Good:

Gross Earnings: $2,134.00 (See summary table below.).

The basement was rented out for 23 nights at an average rental rate of $92.78.

Distribution of earnings: 

07/25/2019 – $600.00 – This was for new tires for my car. Unfortunately, my tires were so worn out that I had no choice but buying all new ones.

08/12/2019 – $199.00 – New memory mattress from Amazon. I had guests sleeping on a very old mattress, so I decided to do an upgrade for next year.

The rest of the money was invested.


Everything very well. In comparison, my earnings for the same period in 2018 was $1,473.43. Thus, in 2019 I managed to get 44.85% more in earnings.  The combined two-year gross income is $3,607.43.

From now on every time we on vacation the basement will be rented out to vacationers.

2018 investment from Airbnb income update:

Last year, I invested only $199.19 in stocks and $720.00 in So, here are the updated results.

Interest earned was $37.72. All the rest of the money was reinvested. I am not too worried about two loans that have been extended because these loans are first lien position so worst comes to worst. Groundfloor will take the property back and sell it.

The results on okay. I won’t sell anything, I will just keep it there forever. So, combined I will at minimum derive dividend income of $49.38 per year. While keeping the initial investment of $919.19.

Thanks for reading. Here is the referral link to Airbnb if you decide to rent your space out as well.