August 2019 – Passive Income Update

In August 2019 my investments accounts generated $192.30 vs $229.48. A net decrease of $37.18. (Not good.)

This is disappointing because in August 2018 I had deployed $73,207.11 vs this year $102,047.10. I will describe the underperformance below.

Securities Investments:

I deployed $3,458.67 in August of 2019. I bought tons of the following securities and funds: GEO, IDV, DFS, VT, IRM, DAL, TRV, CSCO, V, MSFT, BSV, LYB, Mo, MMM, JPM, WRK, ABBV, GDLI, SLVO, ENB, XOM, JNJ, LEG, DBC, and VTIP.

I sold my call option for GLD and made $21.00. Yes!! I realized again on options.

Robinhood Investment Portfolio:

The change in actual change in value was a decrease of $223.53, which equates to -.45%. However, in August S&P went down -.92%. This means that my portfolio has less variability but I can generate about 3.25% in dividend income vs around 1.42%.

Dividend Income Summary:

Dividend Income is doing very well.  August income was $67.94, which is 2.06 times more than August of 2018. No complaints here. It is nice to get $2.19 for every day in August for holding ownership in various companies.

Passive Income Summary:

Lending Club is dragging down the income. This is definitely concerning because the account has been performing very well for a few years now by earning about 5% return on an annual basis.

Every year around September I regularly withdraw interest earned from the previous year. The total interest earned from the Lending Club was $307.19. The money is currently parked in the Vanguard account. I will buy some funds as opportunities will present themselves.   I hope that the performance of the Lending Club will improve because I will liquidate it as well just like I am doing with Prosper. Let’s see what September will bring.

My savings in CapitalOne took a huge hit. I am down $9,718.08. This is mostly because I paid down the principal on the home equity line of credit for the Airbnb in Scottsdale by $5,000.00 and invested $3,458.67 in equities and funds through Robinhood.

I was really hoping for $300.00 to be a new normal but it is what it is. Can’t win all the time.