September 2019 – Passive Income Update

In September, my investment accounts generated $356.15.

This is definitely moving in the right direction and far above the $192.30 reported in August.

$300 per month should be a new normal for now. Anything below that I will treat it as regressive and will seek other investments to return to the desired goal.
Securities Investments:

I deployed $924.62 and bought the following securities: PCK, MORT, EMB, EMN, LEG, BND, XEL, IDV, VTIP, CLX, TGNA, and KO.

The goal of these purchases is to make the standard deviation from the mean as narrow as possible. I have not yet trained myself to take on huge market swings.

However, I know that if the market starts going down, I will be buying equities with everything that I got.
Robinhood Investment Portfolio:

The change in account value was an increase of $838.06 from the previous month. The portfolio is now at $47,422.75.
Dividend Income Summary:

The dividend income is doing very well. September 2019 income was $167.01 which is 3.06 more than in September of 2018.

The more I write about the dividend income and the more I wisely invest, the more I am becoming convinced that this actually works.

I honestly, I can’t believe that this is growing so nicely. Usually, the typical investor gets really screwed by now, right! But not this time around.

By the way, only if I have started this 20 plus years ago, I would have been very wealthy by now. I am still somewhat young, so I am certain to have a very nice retirement.

But wait, I am still young and I still have another 40 years to live, so in 20 years I will be very wealthy. It is very easily to get trapped into believing that one can’t achieve something because one actually does not do anything about it right now. I am actually changing my life success tridectory as I write this.

In this blog post, I decided to include a dividend income bar chart that shows my dividend income since I started the account on January 27, 2017.

Definitely, the $167.01 looks nice in comparison and is much more than the first dividend payout in March of 2017 in the whopping amount of $1.59.
Passive Income Summary:

Lending Club rebounded somewhat right now the overall long-term return is 4.84%, which is okay. I shoot for at least 5%. I did complete the withdraw of the 2018 interest earned of $307.19 and parked it in Vanguard. I am hoping that I won’t have to liquidate LendingClub just like I am doing with Prosper’s account.

I am not investing in anything else other than Robinhood or Vanguard for now. All interest income from other accounts is being mostly reinvested in Robinhood.

My savings account going down again. I will be near zero for the rest of the year because I paid another $10,000.00 on the home equity line of credit. I simply don’t like loans.

This is it for now. Life is going well.

Thanks for reading.