October 2019 – Passive Income Update

October 2019 was a record month in the following ways:

  1. Robinhood for the first time surpassed $50,000.00.
  2. Interest and Dividend Income was $464.42.

Let me first began to say that I am very much surprised that this is going so well. I am also very proud of myself that I am being able to properly manage my accounts.

I really enjoy the steadfast approach to investing.
Securities Investments:

$2,232.71 was deployed in October of 2019. I did not plan on deploying so much but there were real opportunities that I wanted to take capitalize on.

The following securities were purchased: AFL, GLDI, DBC, DAL, JPM, MMM, HON, NLY, GEO, VIG, COMT, GLD, PFE, BTI, KEY, SYK, MO, VYM, DGS, IDV. Most purchases were one share a piece.

I will be doing very little buying in November and December because I am running out of savings. The market is running high already.

The only time I will buy is there will a significant dip in US markets or somewhere in the world.

Robinhood Investment Portfolio:

The actual change in value outside of my own funds invested in October was $571.81. As of October 31, 2019, the account value is $50,394.28.

This is simply amazing. The account value as of January 1, 2019, was only $19,843.76. Granted most of the increase was due to my own investing but concurrently I have established a fund that will now generate at minimum $1,620.02 for the rest of its existence or about $135.00 per month. Not bad for investing excess capital.

I believe, I have also learned a lot about myself as an investor. Having over 100 positions in a portfolio allows me to be well-diversified and quickly know which companies are good and which are bad.

I do have some positions that lost a lot but I won’t sell them at this time. I just won’t have any tax benefit for harvesting tax losses this year.
October Dividend Income:

The $130.81 in October 2019 was 2.18 times more than in October of 2018.

Here is another graphical representation of dividend income over time.
Overtime Dividend Income Summary Table:

Hopefully in December dividend income will be above $200.00!!!
Passive Income Summary:

Lending Club is finally doing what I expect it to do.

Groundfloor is not doing well per income basis.

Peerstreet is definitely doing the heavy lifting providing nearly half of interest income for the month.

Otherwise $100k is doing a lot of good work for me. I will eventually do a write up on my rental properties.

Over time, I will move everything to equity investments such as Robin Hood or others as I have become more comfortable with the markets. I don’t have a time frame at this time.

Thanks for reading.