E-Fat Bike Update – Going Strong

Purchasing the fat tire e-bike was a great and fruitful decision for me. A beauty about a good decision is the same as a bad decision, you get reminded every single time and you try to forget the bad one quickly. This bike provides me with a huge satisfaction and excellent dividend yield (aka return on investment which you will see below why). 

The bike that I ride is Cyrusher Fat Tire Bike – Extrbici XF660 – Here is the link.  I am not getting paid nor for referring the bike to the world. Quite frankly it does not matter to me. I treat this blog as my personal notebook so the information is never lost and I can reference it back in the future. I also want my children to know precisely what an excellent father I am. I want them to have a clear written record so they can use it as a reference.

Biking in the winter:

I have now completely different and positive perspective of winter. I see beautiful trees covered with snow and it makes me happy. Riding in the winter is very quiet and peaceful as if the world has fallen asleep. I enjoy the sound of my fat tires breaking the frozen snow. Today, I went very slow to work to take-in the beauty of winter.  All other days, I go as fast as I can because I like to get a good morning and afternoon workout. One other huge benefit of not using my car, I don’t have crazy driver’s cutting me off because they are rushing to get somewhere. 

Distance Traveled and 2018 goal:

In 2017, I traveled 1,429 miles, which makes me proud of this achievement. At first thought, it does not seem like a long distance but for me, it is a lot. But I am not competing against anyone. So, I am superbly proud of this achievement.

On a monthly basis, I travel between 121 miles to 233 miles, which projecting for 2018 would put me between 1,452 and 2,796 miles. It would be sweet if I could do 3,000 miles per year on the bike.  So, there, I  just have decided that my goal for 2018 will be to travel 3,000 miles on my bicycle 

History of riding my bike. The green part was when I went running while in Arizona.

Savings Money Aspect:

So far, I have saved $2,106.44 for not using my car to commute to work. The total amount saved includes $40.00 per month less insurance coverage, $30.00 per month garage fee, and $1.73 fuel saving per working day. Since July of 2017, not only I paid off my bike but I also was not forced to spend several hundred dollars pouring fuel into my gas tank.  We have two cars and I have been thinking that at some point I should sell my other car because I don’t need it anymore. I am going to wait little longer to ensure that I am going to make the right decision.

Issues with the e-fat bike:

Answer: None. I have no issues with the bike what so ever. The bike is a workhorse. I use it for the intended purpose and I ride it hard.  The electric motor works perfectly fine, and battery holds its charge for a long time. I have one hundred percent confidence in my bike. 

Final thoughts:

I will continue to ride my bike probably for the rest of my life. When we move to a different place in the future, I will be sure that our new home is located somewhere within 12 – a 15-mile range of things that I need to do.

I encourage every one of you to start riding. I feel strong and agile. I ride because I want to be healthy and stay healthy. Don’t get fat!

E-Fat Bike – One of best decisions in my life.

Hey, you are cheating with an electric motor bicycle! 

Are you kidding me? Nothing could be further from the truth.  The electric motor eliminates hills, encourages me every single moment by making me pedal more. On the days that I am not 100% because I am tired or I did not sleep well the electric bike gives me enough support to move forward.  Reminder: Electric bikes are not electric motorcycles on wheels. In order to move forward, pedaling is required. The motor only assists in pedaling. I would analogize this as doubling or tripling my pedaling power.  

Official Start of the Post:

Life is a series of decisions – This posting is about one of those great decisions with long-lasting yields.

This blog post is about one of those excellent decisions. I know that looking into the future and reflecting right back that buying and most importantly using a bicycle on a daily basis has and will change my life for the better for a long time.

Before I dive into all of the quantitative and nonquantitative details of my reasons to use a bicycle on a daily basis; I began with my romantic love affair with my car.

I own a fancy and fantastic Mercedes Benz E350 – Sports Package, 4-Matic,  3.5L, 6-cylinders, and 268 hp.  This is not a frugal car at all. To my defense, I got this used car with roughly 40% off when I bought it three years ago. So, right about the time of this post, the car is worth what I paid for.

The only reason, I bought this car was because I got super duper deal from a friend that was looking to make more space in his garage. Otherwise, I was content with my 2004 Honda Accord with nearly 160,000 miles with no rust and in phenomenal reliability.  

When I drove my Benz and played loud music through the excellent speaker system, I felt on top of the world.  Hearing my all wheel drive system engage and knowing that my tires glue themselves to the snow while leaving huge and long snow cloud dust behind at 60+ miles per hour in just a few seconds, I was ecstatic with no care in the world.  All the while not forgetting the wonderful and precious large snowflakes dissolving upon touching down on my warm and cozy panoramic sunroof that allows me to be part of the winter while being protected from the elements.

Or,  in the summertime being pulled over by the highway patrol going 96+ miles an hour and responding to the police officer’s question: Why are you going so fast? Response: I don’t even look at the speedometer at that speed but strictly focus on the safety of others on the road.

Meanwhile, I was making German autobahn out of US highway.  Yes, I did receive a speeding ticket but for only $75 for going 4 miles over the speed limit. I believe, the police officer was nice because I gave him a genuine and honest answer. I could have been arrested or end up paying huge fines.  For that nice gesture from that the police officer, I say “thank you” for not destroying my life and not making me miserable. 

These were and are my wonderful memories because I did not sell my car (Just yet.).

A new beginning – No Turning back (Ever):

This is my amazing e-fat bike that is ready and willing to take me anywhere I desire.

World of prolific online readers, I proudly present you my beauty and constant companion “My yellow rims E-Fat Bike” – Virtual – Cheer – Yeah, Hurray!!!

There are so many positive benefits of having this bike that I will describe in detail each one of them below.  I am convinced that after reading this post that you will at some point pivot your life toward biking.

Acquisition method: 

I bought this e-bike on Amazon on July 12, 2017, for $1,557.05. I got a discount because of some special going on Amazon, the actual price is $1,600.00+. This is the most expensive bike I ever bought. This was a big deal for me. I was surprised that it was shipped directly from China via DHL air, so I got my new baby in three days.

Before purchasing on Amazon,  I went to my local e-bike shop in an effort to support my local economy. Unfortunately,  bike prices were high anywhere from $2,800.00 to roughly $5,000.00. I decided to buy the bike on Amazon.  After all, all of the bikes in the shop were made in China anyway. I am not some road warrior that needs a really expensive bike, plus I also was looking back to get a return on my investment as soon as possible. I always control my spending. 

Bike Purchase Cost Recovery Method:

As of this day of this article November 1, 2017, I have recovered all of my costs of acquisition including plus I saved  additional $352.95 by not using my car. This is how I arrived at this amount for far.


This is how I recovered the cost of the bike as well as income from the bike.

I follow my self-invented concept titled: Money Recycling Method. What is money recycling method you ask? Well, it is rather simple. Instead of always pulling out funds out of my earnings or wages. I look around the house of assets that are not being used. I don’t like to have things around the house that serve no purpose only take up space. Please note the usage of the word space in the preceding sentence. Outside of taking up physical space in a physical boundary of a room/house, I also think of taking up space in my brain. Afterall, energy in my brain has to be generated through tiny electrical currents and there is only some much electricity that can be produced prior of recharging (sleep). I strive not to even be forced to think about a useless item.

I walk around the house and found useless things. As you can see from the above table, I sold the gold chain. I bought this chain long time, and I have not used it ever since, then I asked myself: Why do I even have this chain that I don’t use? What is this purpose of this chain? The answer was painfully obvious: Nothing. I went and sold the chain nearly at the market value.  Now, I have converted an inefficient commodity to an asset that will serve and pay dividends for a long time to come. Just as simple as that.

Future return on Investment:

What your savings rate of not using a car?









Graph Analysis:

I like to reinforce certain ideas through graphs. This graphs only takes into account monthly saving costs and projected future savings, which I name return on investment. This graph does not include the cost of buying a car and related maintenance in the next ten years because I do not intend on buying any car anytime soon. 

I am looking to save roughly $20,000.00 plus in the next ten years. There are tons of other variables that I could incorporate but I like keeping things simple.

Commuting Distance:

My commute is nearly 6 miles one way. I would feel comfortable even with 12 miles one way. I now enjoy my commute, by listening to music or news and watch the beautiful nature all around me on a bike trail. By the way, I pass through the forest, streams, pond, and other bikers as even I was not in the urban environment. The usage of a bike allows me to enjoy part of the city that otherwise I would have never enjoyed. Here is a screenshot of distances traveled in the last few months for credibility purposes.

Distance Traveled
Summary of distance traveled on my bike.

Health Benefits/Fat versus Fit/Skinny:

My dear fellow Americans, we are fat. We all care deeply about each other. Instead of 100% relying on a vehicle that costs you to keep every day, pivot your life to bicycle. I went from 212 pounds to 191 just by using my bike. 

Here is the link to the bike I bought.

Note to my children:

As you know, I love you very much. When you are old enough to read this blog, All of the advice that I write to the world is with the intention that you will read it someday and obtain a better understanding of my point of view and the reasons I do something to better our lives. I want you to think that if you make your life better, the world is a better place because of the right choices you for yourself.


100 Simple Secrets of Successful People by David Niven

100 Simple Secrets of Successful People – Fantastic and light to reading book.

Hi there – If you will end up buying 100 Simple Secrets of Succesful People because of my blog post., could you please use my link. I will get rewarded from Amazon by collecting few cents of commission. This is not a fake marketing post but my true and genuine thoughts.

I don’t make any money with this blog so anything that I make has a direct offset to my carrying cost. Thanks for your support.

Phrases that I will follow in my life:

After reading this book, I intend to live my life by the following two phrases (These are direct quotations):

“As you grow more certain of your purpose and your talents, however, you will come to rely less on the attitudes and abilities of those around you and more on your own passion and ability” Chapter Reference: Learn to Lead Yourself.

This is a wonderful phrase for simply living the most authentic life that you can and do whatever you will desire, pursue your passions, abilities, and create your own happy/wonderful world.

I like not relying on other people, as much as I love my other human beings, I don’t like being disappointed by anyone. Doing stuff that I have a passion for by myself gives me super gratification and energy to continue to live a positive life. 

“Creativity comes not in exchange for money or rewards but when we focus our attention on something because we want to” Chapter Reference: Creativity Comes from Within.

Damm, don’t you wish that someone told you and you listened that not everything is about money and you can be creative even if there is no monetary reward.  

This blog is precisely the essence of this phrase. I am doing this blog because I want to and not because of money. 

My take on the book:

I started with phrases that had the most impact on me.  Here is the official review:

Over the weekend, I read this wonderful little book 100 Simple Secrets of Succesful People. The book is super easy to read and I did in about 2 hours. 

As the title states, the book gives you life lessons of being successful. In many ways, the books reminded me of many lessons/phrases that I have already forgotten, so it is good to get information refreshed. 

Here are my brief notes: (There are many other lessons in this book that will likely resonate with you. I decided to put parts/phrases/sections that are applicable and had the most influence on me.)

      • Competence – I am glad that I was reminded of the definition of competence.  Many times in life, I do something and then right away, my little voice in my brain tells me, I can’t do it because of some illogical/irrational thought process. From now, I will always remember in order to be competent, I must start by feeling and being competent.  
      • Listen to criticism – You must listen. You might think that you listen all the time but do you really listen? I know that I get defensive when I listen to criticism because I get emotionally upset that someone is “putting virtual holes” in my master plan. So, I was reminded that I should listen because by fighting back,  you are inhibiting an ability to improve yourself. Afterall, do you want you to want to improve yourself?  The answer is obvious, of course, yes! By improving yourself, you are improving the world.
      • Notice Patterns –  This is one of those ideas that must be followed. Following patterns is not an easy thing but I am recommending that we keep a watchful eye on various patterns we are faced with every day. In order for us to be great, we must notice patterns that no one else notices. I always think that life success is on the margins of daily life. I will explain this point of view in later posts. 
      • Action – Movement creates action, action creates success. So, in order to be successful, we must keep moving.

So there, this is my brief review of this book. I am sure that there is something in it that will strike a change in your life for the better.  Enjoy – Mr.Frugality.

Buying a Second Home/Vacation Rental in Phoenix Dilemma

Original Date of this post: Friday, October 27, 2017

Dear readers, since this a new blog likely less than 100. Please provide your point of view. This is an important decision that we need to make so it will be nice to know your thoughts.

We live in cold sub-arctic climate, so we fly to Phoenix Arizona at least twice a year (We would fly-in more often if we had our own place, at least that is the assumption). After traveling to 4 times to Hawaii in the past 6 years, we are set on buying a second home/vacation rental in Phoenix Area. We like a lot Scottsdale and Vistancia in Peoria. We plan to eventually move to Phoenix. But we are struggling with the decision.

What we love about Phoenix: 1. Desert, 2. Hot climate, 3. Clean Roads and nice roads, 4. No tollways, 5. Mildly congested highways, 6. Pools, 7. Relatively low cost of living, 8. Low real estate taxes., 9. Excellent schools for our twins.

What we don’t like about Phoenix: 1. Low wages, 3. Hard to get jobs.  To be honest, we don’t really need work, and after moving to Phoenix, we are very unlikely to get jobs, mostly because we live frugally and we have other income streams from rental properties, interest, and dividends. But we like to work also, so we have to do something to avoid the boredom of continuous vacation (I will present my point of view on “boredom of continuous vacation,” later.)

Background Information about our search area:

Vistancia – Peoria Arizona: Vistancia is master community development, in other words, they are starting a new city from scratch. Currently, they are at the halfway mark of the total of ~25,000  to ~30,000 population. This place is what I would name a resort style living.  There are awesome trails, pools, tennis courts, indoor basketball court, and endless social activities for residents.  If you are interested in finding out more, check it out for yourself, click here.

Scottsdale, Arizona – Awesome affluent and established community. I am making the assumption that the world knows Scottsdale, Arizona but if you don’t know  Scottsdale, here is a link to Wikipedia, click here.

What can we buy without overextending ourselves? 

Criteria Buying Home:  1. Purchase Price Range: $350,000 to $400,000., 2. Quality of Life, 3. Forecasted prices increase. 4. Rental Market Rate, 5. Airbnb.com rental viability/income.

Estimated Carrying Cost of the Property: (Assumptions – House Price: $400,000.00, with 20% down). Mortgage Payment: $1,496.00, HOA: $150.00, Insurance: $67.00, Real Estate Taxes: $257.00

Additional Costs: I would assume around $200.00, just be on the safe side, so we are looking at total monthly outflow of $2,169.00 (Yearly: $26,028.00, 10- Year: $260,280.00)

Dilemma Number 1: Commuting Costs in dollars and time which eventually or unfortunately equates to poor health and loss of opportunity time, which translated in back dollars:

Vistancia is really far away from everything that is  “Phoenix.”  Zillow that is community has a Walk Score of zero. If you want to find out your Walk Score, click here.

This community is 100% dependent on the car, and there is zero transit. Not Good!!.

My Zillow.com detail calculated cost state the following:

Do you see $1,141.00 per month? That’s rough.

If I was to drive an average car gas powered car right now, my cost would be in broad terms $1,141.00 per month (Yearly: $13,692.00, 10-year cost: $136,920.), and 29 hours let say I will earn $20.00/per hour. My lost opportunity time by not sitting in my car of $580 per month (Yearly: $6,960.00, 10-year: $69,600.00)

While living permanently and commuting to Vistiancia, I would go broke. Total yearly cost would be $20,652 (10-year: $206,520.00).

While living permanently and commuting to Vistancia, we would go broke. Total yearly cost would be $20,652 (10-year: $206,520.00).

So, commuting from Vistancia is simply out of the question. In order, to have a great life, we would have to work out of our home. Which is not impossible and rather probable.

Now, what the numbers look like Scottsdale (downtown).: Average Walk Score is 32 and Transit Score 24.

Scottsdale Zillow Walk Score and Transit Score.

How much do we spend on Vacation while in Phoenix?

Forecasted increase in prices?

I am not done with this blog post just yet. Hang in there. I will put more stuff as they are processed in my brain.

New build vs Old Property

Future return if we ever change this to an investment

Financial – I have a cool job because I like what I do with plenty of time off. I don’t plan to fi


PeerStreet Real Estate Investing – Review (One Year Later)

Referral Link:  Here is the link (You will get a 1% bump on your investments), I will,  as well for referring you: Click Here

I started with PeerStret in September of 2016. I have no complaints and I am happy and satisfied with my investment of total $22k. I started slowly, just to be safe: September 2016 – $1,000, October 2016 – $1,000, February 2017 – $11,000, May 2017 – $4,000, June 2017 – $3,900, and July 2017 – $852.

Active investments: 22 at $1,000 each earning between 7.00% and 10.00%. 7 of the investments have been paid off. I have no defaults, some loans are late but then the late ones get paid off. Interest income gets deposited on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Paid off investments:  No defaults, some loans are late but then the late ones get paid off with accrued


. Interest income gets deposited on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Defaults: Zero (none) – no default Interest income gets deposited on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Total Interest earned: $731.02 (as of October 11, 2017).

Auto Investing – Criteria: Interest Rate: 8%+, Loan-to-Value: up to 70%, Loan-Term: Up to 12.

Interest income from peerstreet.com



Investing in the future: Yes. Not sure right now what amount I want to invest. I want to be at a level that creates meaningful income somewhere around $1,000 a month. This would require for me to invest $150,000 ( $1,000.00/.08 = $12,500 * 12)

Areas of improvement for PeerStret.com – I can only think of only one area of improvement: Auto Investing (needs improvement) – I would like PeerStreet to allow investors to chose which part of the the country to invest their money into. For example, I don’t like overheated markets, i.e. CA, but I would like put money into NY. I don’t have this option. I understand that I can do manually but honestly who wants to sit there and wait for loans to populate on the website. I have learned through that automatic investment fills the loans prior of posting on their website.

So there,


is a good investment and I recommend it.


Peer to Peer Lending – Lending Club and Prosper

Overall, I think this is a good investment. I have recently added my criteria for better return on investment. Here are my results.

click here to go to lending club

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